Sr Justo Gonzalez creates the first blend of Ron San Pablo (gold) in Cuba and begins selling this in his own country 

August Damian Jonckheer (AD) begins selling various merchandise (mostly shoes) from his garage in Brionplein, Otrobanda. Contact is made between Justo Gonzalez and A.D. Jonckheer and export of Ron San Pablo begins. The first bottles of Ron San Pablo (gold) arrive during this period 

August Damian officially incorporates and starts his own importing company: Handelmaatschappij A.D. Jonckheer N.V. 

AD Jonckheer produces the first small batch of Ron San Pablo in Curaçao, creating the first Curaçao rum.  

The Cuban Revolution ends, and the Cuban distillery is closed down. The entire stock of Ron San Pablo is sent in barrels to Curaçao by Justo Gonzalez 

A.D. Jonckheer buys the Ron San Pablo recipes and company from Justo Gonzalez and builds the Ron San Pablo production facility in Curaçao

Ron San Pablo enjoys its greatest period, becoming the most popular rum on the island and synonymous with Curaçao

Ron San Pablo introduces a new collection of rums,
the Reserva 1945 collection

The New Reserva 1945 Collection

San Pablo Reserva 1945 line contains exquisite, blended rums made from the finest rums in the world, according to a prized recipe locked away in the company vault for over 60 years. This blend contains rums aged for no less than 8 years and upwards, that are married together and allowed to settle until they are completely in harmony.