The San Pablo 8 years old

The San Pablo Reserva 1945 8 years old is made only from the highest quality ingredients available, drawing notes of honey, dried fruits, vanilla and ripe bananas with a deceptively smooth and long finish. A rum to savor and enjoy, the 8 year old holds nothing back to deliver supreme quality with every sip. 

Tasting Notes

Color: Dark amber, with more gold than amber.

Smell: Banana leaves on the front of the nose followed by honey and sweet aromas.

Pallet: Sweet flavors, followed caramelized flavors, followed by Vanilla. Vanilla is then followed by soft lingering sweet notes.

Mouthfeel: Medium coating.

Aftertaste: Light-medium finish. 

100% handmade soap bar

Ron San Pablo is Curacao’s most famous and treasured rum, delivering the highest quality rums since the company doors were first opened. The story of Curacao’s oldest rum began in 1945 and has grown into a beautiful love affair between the people of Curacao and the item that has come to encompass all of the history, character and allure of the island

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